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Talking Assist Story Beggining

It was our first experience together, we knew little about each other’s bodies. Overall though we matched well. Our bodies absorbing each other’s energy but still there was so much growth for more.

Neither of us reached our climax, we still were yet to pass that barrier. Laying on your back, with my body on top of yours, I positioned myself, arching over, looking down at you, my dick tucked between your thighs. Sweat dripping from us both. Your eyes met mine, telling me, “I want to make you cum” but I stop you, telling you “No, I want to make you cum”. So, I ask you “How do you make yourself cum, can you show me?” You tell me “yes”, you begin proceeding to demonstrate with your fingers. I watch how softly and slowly you imitate the motion of rhythm you’d press against your clit with. Your desired expression of the feeling you wanted , I could tell how well you knew yourself. So I asked you

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