Artist Statement

I have always been interested in the mind’s ability to create fantasies, fiction, religion, horror, erotica, and stories based on supernatural phenomena and the physically impossible. Being raised in the Christian church and exposed at a young age to graphic erotic and horrific content in books influenced me to create my art. For example, one inspiration was the morbid stories of destruction and despair detailed in the Revelations. My focus tends to lean towards my own personal thoughts, revolving around the sensual aspect of horror imagery within religion and mythology and connecting my own inner desires of sex. I connect to concepts like the sensual appeal of human bodies, anatomy, and death because they fascinate me in terms of mechanical function on one hand, and personal, individualized preferences such as wants, pleasures and comfort on the other. I see death as an escape from feelings, pain, and suffering, since from my perspective, death is nothing more than an extended dream. I can create my dreams into reality through my artwork. Sensuality, or intimacy, is a large part of my being. When involving myself with someone on a more intimate level, I feel a connection with them that pulls happiness out of me. I combine these two subjects, death and sensuality, creating a fusion of life and death.  I also focus on bodily transformations, inner demons, and how judgmental our society is towards people who aren’t conventional; I create images that portray this. I primarily make my art with graphite and micron pen. Most of my work is multimedia and uses different materials like colored pencils, ink, & watercolor on paper (due to watercolor’s saturated effect).
I want to separate humans from reality and transform them into something both physically and metaphysically different. Our ideas of the world are warped by gods of myths that humanity has created, and these images are sometimes horrifying. I want to reflect this in my work. I create art though which my viewers can feel the emotion and intensity within my line-work, experience the pain my imagery depicts, and visualize it as if it could become real.