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Ayo, I am on a new path, I've gone a new direction and I am letting go of "holdmycrayons". I have changed everything about my art and it's creative process but I left without any notice and I do apologize but I needed this. I made a new art account where I don't want to be perceived by anyone. I want to create and post to my hearts content without worry. Follow only the people I want, etc. I am not promoting it, I will not promote it at all. If people find that page, they find that page. The only hint I will give is, new anime that just came out. I am really really really really really really excited with where my new art is going. I can see myself reaching, achieving, becoming, creating, all that good shit, I can see it and I am so happy. I want to be comfortable in creating art. The path I have taken is based on pure intuition. I am using automatic drawing techniques to create art. By doing this I will be able to force myself to do what I want. Meaning I can take my thoughts and completely draw it out, like completely show you what I'm saying. I can create mythologies of my own structure and build a world from my own imagination. I'm so excited. This is one giant process, and I am in the perfect place to reach these attainable goals. If you have an idea, just do it. I dropped my phone, while creating art and I have not looked back. I understand references are amazing, I've used them but what if I can force my brain to remember these references, I don't know how to explain this yet but I will soon. Remember it's a process. Overall I'm trying to find a comfortable way for me to create art without the overwhelming amount of visual distractions and over saturated art content. #sololevelingartist

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