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Imagine being lost within the moment... time stops, as you’re being pulled into another world of pleasure. Breathing heavy you look at me, gripping onto the sheets as your body clenches upward, pushing your pussy into my mouth. You can feel yourself building up as my tongue slowly flicks across your clit in a rhythmic motion. You moan out louder as my tongue starts flicking faster and faster. My mouth sucks and tongue flicks your pussy at the same time. Grabbing my head, pressing me deeper and harder against you , I grab your arms, pulling away from you before you reach your point. Gasping and crying why , I can feel your legs shaking uncontrollably , throbbing, you were so ready. I couldn’t help but smile at you, while you looked so annoyed with me. I gradually kiss my way back up to you, brushing my lips across your inner thigh , while caressing your breast. Dragging my lips along your stomach to your neck. I reach your ear , asking you if you were ready to cum. You moan “yes”,I take my hands across your legs, my fingers drag across your skin gently until I reach the edge of your pussy. You can feel my fingers massage around your clit, circling back and forth. Your breathing gets heavy, your moans increase, you start trying to push my head down as I was slowly pressing my fingers through your lips , until I reach inside you. feeling you clench against me, you jerk back, letting out a deep gasp as you release yourself. You start moaning with your head tilted back and eyes closed. I have one finger inside you, slowly thrusting in and out. Still in your ear, my voice sends chills down your body as I tell you how wet you are.. your legs enclose around my hand, biting into my neck with your hands wrapped around me. I can feel your heart accelerating as I start speeding up the thrust of my fingers, rotating them inside you , I felt this was my chance to allow you to reach your point. I tell you to release yourself from me, I move up hovering over you, admiring your beauty. I bring my face down towards yours, breathing heavy against your neck. I kiss up to your ear, softly licking up and down, asking you in a deep low voice, "can I taste you".

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