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Dream (Woman POV)

It was late at night, when I woke up out of my sleep, sweating and gasping hard for air. My T-shirt was plastered to my bare breasts beneath, my panties just as soaked but not with sweat.

My clit throbbed, the lace rubbing against it as I shifted brought me back to the dream.  It was so vivid. I could almost still feel a phantom of his weight on top of me and smell his skin-still-taste his mouth on mine. 

Well, the dream version of him.

 “God, I groaned”, with the dream still so real in my head.

My nipples begged to be touched and started to match the ache growing between my legs. I couldn’t resist.  My hips started circling, mimicking the rhythm of his against mine- as my head leaned back- breathing hard, I clench my legs together trying to stop the building heat, until I couldn’t take it anymore. 

Sliding one hand slowly downwards I begin to part my soaking pussy. I start to recall the dream, as I trace my fingers along my lips, like playing a movie in my head... 

(He was towering over me, sliding his hard dick across my clit, teasing me.)

I start to take my fingers and rub up and down my folds with ease, feeling the warmth start to build up. 

(He takes his large hands and starts caressing my breasts, his mouth hovered over my neck. His hot breath sending chills down my spine. His kisses trail up my jaw to my mouth before he grabs my face and forcefully shoves tongue down my throat. Each thrust of his tongue matching that of his hips as his hard cock continues to slide against my pussy) 

I grab my breasts with my free hand and try to sooth the ache. My legs are partly spread imagining him on top of me still. My moans getting louder as my fingers change pace. 

(He then grabs my thighs in each hand, pulling me down to his hungry mouth and starts to eat me slow and softly. Sucking and moving his tongue across my clit. I grab a handful of his hair and grind my pussy against his tongue)

I enter myself with my fingers and start pumping in and out while rubbing my clit in slow circular motions. 

(He lifts himself and kisses me again, I can taste my own juices as he takes his hard dick and plays with the tip-rubbing it up and down my pussy-not entering but continuing to tease, enjoying the slickness. Then in one fast motion, he strokes halfway. I want him inside me so bad, I pull him closer until we are chest to chest, wrapping my legs around him. His hard abs rubbing against my softness.) 

I go harder, picking up speed and quieting my moaning, hoping that nobody hears me. I almost didn’t care, it felt so good. 

(He lifts my body up, holding me midair, with my legs still tightly around his torso- and caresses my ass, squeezing it, then using it to pull us together. My body slamming against his, his cock feels as if it’s filling every inch. I grab ahold of his arms feeling every muscle clenched)

I am about to cum, fingering myself. But I force myself to stop. I didn’t want the feeling to end. Not so soon, I drag my hand upward across my hips rest it on my breast. Replaying him thrusting hard and deep into me. My hips involuntarily raise up in the air, tears start to fill my eyes as lose the battle and finger myself- harder and harder, hearing my wetness and feeling the heat buildup in my stomach and clit. 

(while pulling my hair, he licked and grunted in into my ear, “are you going to cum for me?” )

At the thought, I came all over myself shaking in overwhelming pleasure. I try not to moan too loud as wave after wave hits me, my pussy clenching hard and my body shaking as I bury my face into the pillow. 

My body relaxed, my eyes closing in frustration and fell asleep wishing I came on his cock rather than my fingers. God I missed him inside me. 

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