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Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Imagine taking me inside. You grabbing my hand and pulling me towards your door, looking back smiling and moving forward towards your apartment . I wanted to experience you sooo bad, the built up feeling I had inside me hurt. I wanted to release it, feel you and taste you. I followed your lead, and we approached your room door. Grabbing the back of your head, I pulled your lips to mine, as I’m pulling your body against me with my other hand. You start to grab ahold of me, squeezing, digging into my back as you felt my hard self against your stomach. I could feel one of your legs start to reach up to me, clinging on to me. I stumbled forward, staggering along , kissing you, our tongues sliding back and forth against each other. We reach the front of your bed, our bodies locked together. You grab on to my dick, feeling it out, gripping it, admiring it. Our faces are against each other, my cheek against yours , you can feel my breaths as I whisper in your ear “I want you”. You push me off and start ripping at my shirt, tugging it off then caressing my body, your left hand gripping my dick and your right hand running across my abs. Gazing me up and down you pull me in, knocking us down to the bed with me on top of you.

I see my position and arch up , I gaze down on you , my hand behind your neck. I pull your face to mine , slowly kissing your lips, holding, pausing, our mouths pressed together while I gently run my fingers over your clit. Slowly dragging circling my finger tips across it , I can feel you getting wet. I start to kiss down your neck, to your breast , kissing both of your nipples while flicking my tongue softly against them. Your hands move to my back. You drag your hands down my spine tightly, spreading your legs , giving me access to finger you. I slide one finger in and out as I keep going down, this time sliding my tongue across your stomach to your pelvis. You lay there moaning , watching me, seeing what I'll do next. I take my tongue toward your clit and pussy. Kissing your clit, then licking, I can hear your breathing change, your moans cause my dick to get harder. I take my free hand, using a finger to enter you as I still suck on your clit. You grab your head , shaking it back and forth, enjoying the moment , as I thrust my finger in and out , sucking your clit and swirling my tongue around. I stop and look up at you, you look down at me panting and I ask you if you like it. I take the finger I‘m fucking you with put it in my mouth , sucking your cum off of it, quickly going up to your ear and telling “you taste good”

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