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Epson Premium artist print


Artist Statement


An unwanted feeling, a representation of holding on wanting to give touch, to feel but the other is just there, was there, pulling, dripping away from you, radiating cold energy.
Do you not desire to feel, to connect?
I do, It is a part of my being, its stimulating.
But some of us have entered a gateway to depression. What comes out is touch-starved, lonely, stressed and tired.

The longer I go without feeling, the deeper I get into my head. The deeper I get, the less I feel. The less I sleep. The more I think about how it would be to feel that contact. My imagination takes over, causing me to only think about thoughts (the wrong choices I made that sent me through that gate)... losing touch with my own reality. My imagination is suffocating. The less I want to feel, to express, I become accustomed to numbness. My drive diminishes, the thought of touching myself is sickening.

Does your skin not hunger for touch, the touch of another human being, to feel connected and accepted as a whole?


  • This print is a giclee Epson Premium print. Handle carefully as  the black background does scratch easily.

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