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Epson Premium artist print


During this time, I believe we should realize as a people, a whole, how beautiful we are. Each and every different type of black skin; is unique, pure. Our lives matter. But remember all of us, as humans should realize that we are all the same, regardless of skin color, regardless of anything we are a species, we should be loving, and uplifting one another especially during this time... I repeat, I need you to know you’re so beautiful, I’m rooting for everybody that is black. Sins that go against our skin, will become blessings. The current movement is a rhythm to us.
With this image I tell you that when it goes down, we woman and we man up. “They say, stay down, and we stand up. I know we are trying so hard. Although they’re holding us back and it stands to reason that they’re doing us like that. It is, I believe its because we’re black. But hey we can’t stop now, got to keep on keeping on. And I know that you know, that I know, that it ain’t right.”


  • This print is a giclee Epson Premium print. Handle carefully as  the black background does scratch easily.

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