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Epson Premium artist print


Artist Statement


Ever wonder what it means , to be you? Have you asked yourself, what does it mean to be human?

Within the movie, the word "Ghost" is used to refer to someone's consciousness while a "shell" is the cybernetic body, much like the situation with Major Kusanagi.

So I ask you, if we reached a future where a mind can be copied and the body replaced in a synthetic form, what would be the definition of a human? "What exactly is the 'ghost' —the essence— in the cybernetic 'shell'?". “Where is the boundary between human and machine when the differences between the two become more philosophical than physical?"

Do you become a shadow of your former self?

So a 'shell of a person' is someone that feels empty inside, they have been through so much or seen so much that they are left as only empty and easily broken, they have been left empty of hope, empty of emotions, empty of dreams. Could someone feel this way about themselves when they look in the mirror, and realize (exactly what you are asking yourself right now).

The relationship between the mind and the body, the mind being the ghost and body being the machine. This position for thinking that the two are of the same category. If these two are not in the same category, then trying to find a relationship between the two as if they were must fail?

Eventually you become curious about your own identity sending you in an unforeseen direction. Your consciousness intertwines. The consciousness is “something like the product of multiple, layered computer programs running on the hardware of the brain.” “This becomes an evolutionary process, purely physical in nature, in which sensory information and other biological functions combine and grow correspondingly more complex over time.” But what exactly is evolving, you or the machine?

As humans are we constantly moving in a direction to avoid actual human traits of differences? I’m talking about are we moving towards a future where this idea of a human can only be seen as one thing. The description of beauty and perfection, overrides us, causing everyone to believe in upgrades to feel like they meet the norm of society’s idea of beauty.


  • This print is a giclee Epson Premium print. Handle carefully as  the black background does scratch easily.

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