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Surrendering her own control
Though her dominion was forsaken,
Slowly descending...
Falling, descending...
Their body erupting through a fluid realm,
Dissolving gently; fading, drifting
A submersion, is she drowning?
Her energy spatially concentrated within the vicinity of its source
Is this a sense of freedom or change?

The pain, a transient storm, eventually abating,
Her essence taking forms,
Like vapor fading, leaving no remorse.

Into the radiant sea of luminescent might,
An awakening, a voyage from cosmic height,
A flow that's ever-changing,
A downward transition where energy flows in cycles, endlessly.

Falling angels, in stories they hold; portraying,
A myriad of meanings, in their ethereal display,
For self-discovery, a journey, rebirth, or being cast aside,
They speak of abstract notions, deep inside, somewhere for our souls to uncover.

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