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Epson Premium Print


Here is a confession of pain.
An absence of hope;
discomfort radiates consuming the air around me.
Inner conflictions chain the conscious

Concealing my mental pain
So tied up in my mind, I’ve lost touch with my senses.

Separating myself from the present me, I disconnect from reality;
hoping the world would escape me...

Taking a deep dive into darkness,
stuck in my own thought patterns unable to pull myself out
Blinded to see things a different way

Left naked and exposed, forced to look at myself, flames ignite, engulfing me with constricting feelings from within

I feel so heavy as numbness forms, emanating from my hands, gaining control of my entire body

With numbness comes feelings of anxiety, self-doubt, hate and emptiness , transforming myself into a cast of the very version I loathe...
So now I burn away in my own insecurities


  • This print is a giclee Epson Premium print. Handle carefully as  the black background does scratch easily.

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