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Epson Premium Print


Though her dominion was forsaken

Slowly descending...

Falling, and falling....

Their body erupts through a fluid realm akin to water yet is she drowning?

Dissolving gently; vanishing, fading away.

The pain, a transient storm, eventually abating.

Her energy spatially concentrated within the vicinity of its source.

disappearing from existence or perception, a fading vapor, leaving no remorse.

into this radiant sea of light. An awakening, a voyage from cosmic height

This downwards transition from space depicts an interchangeable flow endless energy.

Falling angels hold sway within stories, symbolizing losing oneself, becoming anew, cast out. Could even be a representation of learning about oneself. It is often used in reference to abstract notions deep inside, rather than physical things.


  • This print is a giclee Epson Premium print. Handle carefully as  the black background does scratch easily.

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