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Shower Part 1

The water runs, dripping against our bodies,

Our hands entangled together

I pull you closer

Our bodies pressed together, so soft, wet

I start to kiss your back, working my way up to your neck

Slowly, gently, slowly...

Your soft moans arouse me as you let go of one of my hands, reaching behind to feel me.

I flinch feeling your hand grip my member.

Your breathing gets heavier as you feel me grow in your hands.

Grazing my shaft to my tip with your finger tips

I grab you by your neck,

Water falling, dripping...

Pulling your ear to my lips, I start off first just moaning, as you start to stroke me.

It feels so good;

To feel my skin against yours

I kiss your ear,

You don't understand but the feeling of being close to you is magnetic...

I pause, closing my eyes

Moving my hands down and wrapping myself around you. Bringing my head down to press my cheek against yours,

Holding you, tight...

You shift my member up, resting it on top of your ass, your arms pulled back, hugging me

I feel like I am melting into you

Our wet bodies, so warm

So soft, smooth

I imagine us under a waterfall, sunlight barely creeping in, nature all around us

I could stand with you forever,


I feel you smile, as you turn around

Grabbing me by the face with both hands to pull me down to yours.

I look at you, you're gorgeous, the water making your skin look so angelic like

Looking you in the eyes, you're so beautiful

And I tell you that;

"I could look at you all day"

My member throbs against you

You laugh and kiss me;

Slowly, our lips just pressed together as the water falls down our faces

You push me back towards the wall

I almost slip but I use my hand on the wall to to keep me up.

You fall in to me, my member pressed hard against your stomach, the water hitting your back as we fall back against the wall.

Again you look up at me, ugh it amazes me how gorgeous you are. Everything about you.

I can't take it, pushing you forward, I sit down

Spreading your legs so that you can stand over me.

The water falls on my face, but I don't mind it,

hitting your backside and my legs

I start to massage, and caress your legs, starting from your calves.

I slowly work my way up, massaging, pressing my fingers against your skin in a rhythmic grazing motion as I slide up.

I reach your hips, taking both hands towards your inner thighs, my fingers so close to your heat.

My fingers opening and closing gracefully.

I just love the way you react, your legs twitching

I look up at you and I can tell you are tired of me teasing


I love it, I use my hands to keep massaging your inner thighs, inching closer and closer to the edge of your clit.

I kiss my way up your legs as I do this, I feel your hands grip my head as I kiss my way closer and closer to where you want me.

Your moans are like music to me, your squirms excite me.

I want you.

My lips finally reach your clit, I kiss it, keeping my lips pressed against, your hands squeeze my head.

Your scent is so intoxicating. I pull you forward so you can lean against the wall.

I use my bottom lip to gently go up and down as I cup your ass with both my hands.

Applying numerous kisses to your soft skin. I love feeling you quiver as I build up my pace.

I love the way you taste...

I could taste you all day.

I pull my tongue out, the tip presses against your clit. My hands sliding up your back, while my fingers press into your spine.

I love feeling your hands dig into my hair. Your fingers moving and grasping frantically as you feel my tongue slowly making circles on your clit.

I pull my hands to the front of you. Finding your breast as I continue to circle my tongue around your clit.

Gently squeezing your breast softly, I match the movement with my tongue. My finger tips reach your nipples. Softly squeezing them, your breathing getting heavier and heavier as I feel your wetness building up.

You're so mesmerizing, my eyes closed but all I can think about is how good you feel. I feel blessed to even be able to taste you. I feel the desire to worship and praise you.

I drag your clit into my mouth and suck.

Your moans, enticing me so damn much, I only wish I knew what you were thinking.

Sucking your clit, I pull my tongue out again.

Flicking it over your clit...over and over and over again. Just strumming it with my tongue.

I feel like you're absorbing my appreciation through yourself. My hands massaging your nipples, water flowing down on us. I want to drown in you.

I glide my tongue inside and feel your warm inner walls constrict around my tongue.

I release one nipple, bringing my hand down, my finger tips slowly grazing down along the side of your figure. I just love your skin, so smooth, and soft.

You’re a goddess in your own right.

My hand reaches your ass, caressing it before I begin to ease my finger inside you. You let out loud gasp as your legs start to shake

Now I have you. Stimulating multiple points on your body, your reaction to my touch made me throb uncontrollably. I was so hard, I felt like I was reverberating.

My other hand still squeezing your nipple, as I slowly push my finger deeper inside you. Two fingers slowly twisting your nipple. My tongue pressed flat against your clit, as I move it up and down. Your body is trembling, all I hear is, “Oh my god, oh my god, baby, baby..." as I feel your legs start to tighten around me. I muffle you out as I begin to focus. I want you to feel my appreciation. To know it. In my mind, I say to myself, ”I’m going to eat her till she cums on my face, I want to feel her soul escape.”

Through these thoughts something comes over me, a wave or force that creates a synchronous harmony between us. Your climax becoming inevitable. I can feel you begin to move with me.

Your hips thrusting, your hands digging in my head, we are in sync. I sense that you’re near to giving in. I start to suck your clit, using my tongue to still lick you up and down.

You let out a scream as my fingers suddenly curl up inside you, pressing against your spot. I slightly smirk to myself at your reaction.

I start to tease you, alternating between my tongue slipping out slightly and in, over and over savoring every taste before sucking and licking your clit while pressing my fingers deep inside you again. I go faster and faster, I feel you writhing, humping my face, as my finger stimulates your spot.

I take my other hand away from your nipple to grab your ass cheek, as you push my head into your thighs, wrapping your legs around me, you're suffocating me. I start losing myself between your thighs as I drink from you.

My fingers massaging your spot faster and faster. You had me locked between you, as I suck and lick your clit faster and more aggressively. Your moans become cries as you ride my face, telling me "baby don't stop, don't fucking stop" it's almost as if your crying, telling me "baby I'm so close, I'm so fucking close." My tongue licking your clit, my fingers inside you, moving faster and faster and faster. I pull my other hand back to rub your nipple. I'm hitting all your spots, I can feel your body convulsing, shaking, as you push my face into you, making me go even faster. You're humping my face so fast, as you scream out, "baby I'm about to cum", but we're so synced up, your climax became wave-like. Your nails digging so hard into my head and pushing my head around to match your sensations building up. It feels endless, as you desperately grind against me. You start to sporadically shake, screaming "baby I'm cumming, baby I'm cuuummmmming, I'm cumming, oh my god, baaaaby". I pull my fingers out and release your nipple, grabbing your ass and pulling my face deeper into you, my entire mouth starts to suck and lick you as fast as I can.

I feel your energy gushing out onto my tongue. Your cries make my dick so damn hard.

You pull my head back trembling, my face soaking wet, mouth dripping with your cum. I could barely see, my eyes half way closed from water. I feel you lower down to me. I can make out that you're looking at me, we're both panting. Our bodies hot. Your voice quivering, you say "baby I…I need you to fuck me, please, but I want to return the favor first” while smirking, staring, and grabbing my member. You start to play with the tip. Gently pressing against my frenulum in a slowly tapping motion. I can't help but twitch. You laugh, then you look at me, coming closer towards my face, you reach my ear, whispering, “That feel good baby?". My body twitches violently as you press hard into my frenulum massaging it. Telling me "I love the way you eat me out".

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