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Male: I walked in the room, looking at her figure there in the red light. It brought out all her features, her smooth body, a perfect contrast with the light. She laid on the bed radiating her beauty. Her skin dancing with a scarlet glow. I climbed into bed with her. Laying down beside her, I gazed into her eyes. My fingers tracing along her face, then I told her, “lay on your stomach.”

Female: I watched him enter the room; engulfed in a red light, his features were even more defined. From his jaw, to his lips, down each abdominal muscle to his v-line. He looked so powerful to me. I felt a tingling sensation, my legs squeezed together at the remembrance of how he feels inside me. How he holds me, touches me and makes me feel comfortable, loved. He laid down next to me, looking me right in my eyes, while gently dragging his fingers across my face. Then he softly instructed me to lay on my stomach.

Male: I watched her flip over, my hands never leaving her soft skin. I proceeded to get on top of her. Her head down, arms out. I rested my dick between her ass cheeks, my tip pressing against her lips. Mmm, I could feel her dripping wet in anticipation already. I couldn’t help but to admire her backside, her muscles, using my hands to massage her shoulders, down to her spine. Hearing her moan intoxicated me and I can't help but sway my hips, allowing her to feel my dick harden between her legs. I Lowered myself down to her ears, breathing, listening to her moans as I started to kiss her neck. I dragged my lips softly against her back, kissing between each drag down lower, and she started writhing, her wetness stimulating the head of my dick.

Female: I lay on my stomach, my arms out, as I feel his mass against me. His strong hands take hold of my shoulders as he rests his dick between my plump cheeks. The tip presses against my lips, I can’t help but let out a soft whimper. The phantom sensations from my memory start a pulling reaction. I want him inside me. His hands are vast, one hand covering up the majority of my back. But he knows how to use them, dragging them across me, then I feel his hips starting to move. His thick member growing between me. The tease is so much, it feels so good to feel him pressing up against my clit, almost entering but holding out. He allows my body to crave him, to remember him. It calls out for him as I moan, getting wetter when I feel his breathing against my ear. His soft lips grazing my skin, each kiss sending jolts throughout my whole body. It causes me to writhe, matching his swaying movements.

Male: Our bodies are moving together. I wrap my arms under her breasts. I move my head down to her face, as she turns her face closer to mine. We kiss, slowly. I don’t press, I allow her to feel my lips, giving her control of the kiss, as she spreads my mouth open with her tongue, moaning. Our tongues interlock, slowly swirling and wrapping around each other. She locks her feet around my legs, trying to force myself into her. She is so wet, just the feeling leaves my tip pulsating. Her desire for me causes me to throb, and as my head enters her, she locks on. Releasing herself from my mouth, as if she was possessed, she moans as I start to slowly move my hips in circles. She’s so tight, I push myself up, moving one of my hands down to her clit, circling that back and forth with one of my fingers.

Female: I am dripping, his warm massive body, covering me, matching my slow movements. He brings his face down towards me and I kiss him. I feel the fullness of his lips and brush mine against his, then I use my tongue to reach into his mouth, so soft, we swirl them together. Every feeling now is wrapped in ecstasy, his body holding mine, every thought is purely of him, in this moment, now. Suddenly, I feel the tip of his manhood, that he’s been teasing me so much with, enter me. His head had broken through my walls and I almost lose it, removing myself from his mouth, I can do nothing else but close my eyes and moan. Listening to his breathing as I feel his soft circular movements, his tip pulsating and pressing inside of me. He releases his hold from me, taking one of his hands under me. He presses his finger against my clit, encircling it. I want it so damn bad, my body is aching, I lock my feet around his legs, trying to press him deeper inside me.

Male: She wanted me, I could feel it. So I gave in. I slowly eased my way inside her, she's so damn wet but so tight, clenching against me. She gasped loudly as I broke through the push back she was doing, causing us both to pulsate as I kept going deeper and deeper, she gripped the sheets tight. I removed my hand from her clit and arched up, placing my hands on her hands, then pushed myself all the way in. I watched her hands shake as her body arched up against me, she trembled at the feeling of me deep inside her. I kept my hold, my dick consumed by her warm, clenching walls.

Female: He was so thick. I could feel every vein; every throb sent shocks down my body. My mind went blank as he broke through my body trying to push him out. I almost thought I was going to cum at that very moment but I gave in to his body. His thick dick slowly entered me, pushing at my walls. They clenched around him, begging for him. I held on tighter, feeling as if my faucet broke as I poured all over him. It felt so good, so right. He took my hands and pushed himself all the way in. My body trembled as the feeling of him inside of me built up, he fucking holds himself there. I am soaking wet.

Male: Everything just felt so good, my body against hers, my hands locked with hers, her legs locked around mine. I laid on top of her, just feeling her, our moans and breathing like music. I let go of her hands, positioning my body to go deeper in her with every stroke. I grab her hair, her ass lifted slightly in the air, as I take my other hand and reach under her again, spreading her pussy lips with my index and ring finger, then using my middle finger to rub her clit. She fights me, trying to squirm away, calling out my name, telling me how good it feels and I pull her hair harder, holding her in that position. I slow stroke her, pulling slowly all the way out to the tip then slowly thrusting back in her.

Female: I let him take control, I give my entire being to him, allowing my body to feel his energy pour inside me. I could lay here for hours, with him inside of me, on top of me, next to me, I was so comfortable. Then he lets go of my hands and pushes up, arching my ass, my mouth drops as he grabs my hair and goes deeper in me. His hand goes underneath me, spreading my pussy lips, he starts to rub my clit with one of his fingers. I lose it, I moan his name out, I tell him “Baby. Baby. This.. feels... so... good..” my words spaced out from his stroking and my moans. I try to move away from him, the feeling was becoming too much, too intense, but he pulls my hair harder, pulling me closer to his body as he slow fucks me. Slowly pulling out all the way to the tip, then back inside of me, filling me again and again. I felt like I was going to burst, my legs shaking, as I feel myself building up.

Male: I can feel her legs shaking as her pussy tries to push me out. It's like a gripping sensation. I can tell shes building up, so I fuck her harder. I spread her legs out with my legs and tell her to use her feet to push off me. She whimpers “yes baby”. I take my hands and wrap them softly around her throat. Massaging it while I fuck her with all my force. My dick feeling every pulsating grab as I thrust between her walls. It was like she started to inhale me inside of her, then push me out, over and over and over. Her body trembling out of control as she tries to tell me that she’s cumming. I tell her “don't let go”. She says, “baby I’m about to cum.” I take my hands and wrap them around her face, holding her, I lower down to her ear and tell her “cum for me now, baby”. I felt her body go limp, her mouth opened with no sound, as she shook. I penetrate her, faster and deeper, and I feel it. I feel her pushing back, squeezing me as fluids flooded out, splashing everywhere.

Female: All of a sudden it feels like my dam is about to burst, my legs spazzing as his dick penetrates my g-spot with force. The feeling of his throbbing, thick dick sliding against my walls unleashed a range of sensations. The sensation of his hands wrapped around my face, knowing he is holding me for this very moment. I lost control, my body reacting on its own. My legs shaking, growing more weak, as if his dick is vacuuming fluids from my very body. My head falls back, my eyes start to roll to the back of my head. I bask in the intensity of the buildup, trying to not give in quite yet. Drool falls from my wide open mouth as I go silent. Panting, gasping, It's such a build up, and I am losing it. I cannot hold on any longer, I give in to his energy as the feeling of him inside of me intensifies. I feel my body go weak as his body thrusts back and forth into me. Each of his moans, his grunts, and his pants just make me wetter. It continues to build, I want to release but the feeling of him only intensifies. He moans as I clench harder, I’m so close and he knows it too. He tells me “don’t let go.” He doesn’t let up on me until I am screaming out “baby I’m about to cum.” He responds back, “cum for me now, baby” with his deep voice, over and over again. My body gives in to his. An eruption pours out of me as he penetrates me deep and senseless. I moan “I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” my voice getting softer and softer while my mind starts to go blank, with waves of chills; all comprehension fails me and for a few precious moments, I exist only for pleasure. I just lay there shaking with satisfaction, I felt released.

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