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Feel it

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Imagine me reaching down into your pants, slipping my fingers through your belt, reaching the edge of your pussy, circling back and forth. I can hear your breathing harden, moans increasing as your legs come together, shaking in complete ecstasy as I play with your clit. Your wetness clings to my fingers as I start to find my way inside you. Slowly pressing my finger through your lips, I reach inside you, feeling you clench against me, you jerk back, letting out a deep gasp as you release yourself. You start moaning with your head tilted back and eyes closed. I have one finger inside you, slowly thrusting out and forcefully thrusting harder to get deeper and deeper each time. I bring my face down towards yours, breathing heavy against your neck. I kiss up your neck to your ear, softly licking up and down, asking you in a deep low voice, "can I taste you". You try to respond but cant at first, your face is writhing in pleasure as you moan "yes, yes, yes pleeease please do". So I whisper in your ear "ok" sending chills down your entire body.

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