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Updated: Jul 31, 2020

I woke up breathing heavy and slow with my eyes closed because I wanted the dream to be real, my dick wanted it too. I was so hard it hurt. I let out a deep sigh then grabbed the pillow and crushed it over my head, letting out a soft grunt and I just laid there, wishing I could feel her body on mine but let me explain how the dream went.... I invited the girl from the dream over, I wanted her but I didn't know if she wanted me. She is very hard to read, hard to figure out and I was growing impatient. My love life has been nonexistent , I needed something but didn't want anything if it wasn't her. I had her come over and my plan was to make a move the instant she came in.... I was so nervous about, I have never been one to really just make a first move but this girl was different, her presence to me is just captivating, every time I look at her, its with lust. Knocks come from the door, I shake my head and tell myself to get it together. I open the door and she comes in , her hair was in a bun and she looks up at me saying "hello" but I zone out while I'm looking down at her , and we just stare , then she makes a confused face like "are you okay?". Then I snap out of it "yeah , yeah I'm okay, whats up" She replies "nothing" then proceeds to go sit in the chair , but I stop her , grabbing her by the arm, I tell her , "I really want you and I'm tired" she seems hesitant and kind of shakes me off but still allows me to grab her so I pull her in and grab her by the chin , bringing our faces together but again she stops me and looks away from me saying "I dont know I dont know" but I tell her "just let it happen". She faces towards me , I bring her face towards mine and our lips meet. It was a soft warm touch, as we slowly drag our lips together and apart. I grab the back of her head , pushing it into my face then spread her lips open with mine , pushing my tongue against her tongue. We swirl them around each other , taking breaks from kissing and panting. I pick her up, she wraps her legs around my body. I take her to the wall and she lets out a soft moan and starts to take my shirt off then I grab both her hands and put them up against the wall and start to kiss her again , our breathing just accelerates more and more by the second. She lets go of my hands and grab my back, digging and sliding her nails down it, I start to kiss her neck as she tilts her head up and moans. Still holding her up against the wall, I carry her to the bedroom and fall down with her to the bed. I'm on top of her, I press my dick against her pussy and she feels it, moaning and writhing around , I look down at her, then start to slide my way down her. Kissing her cheeks, then her neck while I take her leggings off. Pressing my fingers against her pussy , I could feel her warmth through her panties, her wetness was seeping through. I continue to make my way down, kissing and sucking one of her breast as I play and caress the other. I keep going down, this time sliding my tongue across her stomach to her pelvis, she lays there moaning , watching me, seeing what I'll do next. I take her panties and move them to the side, allowing my tongue to her access to her clit and pussy. I start kissing her clit, then licking, I can hear her breathing change, her moans cause my dick to get harder. I take my free hand, using a finger to enter her as I still suck her clit, she grabs her head , shaking it back and forth in pure ecstasy , as I thrust my finger in and out , sucking her clit and swirling my tongue around. I stop and look up at her, she looks down at me panting and I ask her if she likes it while I take the finger I used to fuck her and put it in my mouth , sucking her cum off of it, I go up to her ear and ask her again if she likes it. She laughs and moans yes , then I whisper in her ear "you taste good" and I laugh too . I bring myself up and gaze down looking at her perfect body and she grabs my dick, jerking it slowly and I reach other the side of the bed for a condom. I open it and insert the condom on my dick , then spit on my fingers and played with her pussy then I spit on my fingers again adding the spit to the condom so its easier to go inside her. I bring myself down to her again and thrust my dick slowly against her clit, teasing her until she grabs it and works to put it in, She gets my head in and she lets out a gasp , I feel her legs and arms lock around my body as I slowly enter her. Slowly thrusting back and forth to ease my way in. The deeper I get in the harder she squeezes my body. She starts to kiss my neck and as I fully enter her , she lets out a loud moan then bites into my neck then I let out a moan, breathing hard against her ear as she digs her nails into my back. Our bodies are completely together, stomachs touching as I thrust harder and harder into her. I move up, grabbing her by the neck with one hand and raising her ass cheek with the other as I continue to fuck her with hard deep strokes. She uses her hands to latch on to my body, grabbing and dragging her hands across my abs as I lean down and start to kiss her. Her kisses are so forceful and hard as if she has forgotten how to. I go up again, grabbing her legs , I pull them up then push then down and grab her hands. Now her ass is lifted up a little off the bed and she can feel me even more, I go into her deep, and hard but she cant take this position and fights to let go of my hand and pushing my abs to get me off. I get off and she lays there breathing heavy as fuck , panting, her hair a complete mess. I start to touch her legs, and I feel them shaking , then I try to move her into a new position , she reaches out like no, not yet, she can barely get the words out but she breathes hard then tells me to "wait" so I lay down next to her, waiting. She looks over at me, smiling and I tell her "I'm tired of waiting" then I roll her on top of me, she sits, pushing her hands into my chest, she looks down at me, her hair everywhere, I can barely see her face. I gather spit into my fingers again and spread it across her pussy and my dick , then I insert myself into her, she jerks her head up and moans as my head enters her. She pushes herself down on my dick, and starts to choke me, as she works herself up and down on my dick, and she gets faster and faster, you could her her asscheeks slap against my thighs. She stops choking me and brings her body down to mine, reaching under me and grabbing me. I also wrap my hands around her then smack her ass. I grab her ass, moving it up and down on my dick , and she digs her nails into my back, as I move her ass up and down faster and faster, she lets me go and pushes up against. She rides my dick, hard , both of us moaning loud she does goes down on my dick and stays there circling around. I know she is cumming because she stops moaning, her facial expression is funny, her mouth wide open as her legs shake violently on my dick and her back arches , I feel her juice all across my legs..... then I woke up.

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