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Artistic Style Approach: Chaotic Control

I've been struggling with the notion of time in my artistic journey, aiming to create a balance between the joy of creating and the completion of pieces without feeling overly constrained. Recently, I've honed my painting style, gaining a better understanding of manipulating watercolors to achieve desired effects. My goal is to transform the texture of skin into liquid spaces, creating visuals reminiscent of explosions, transcendental experiences, and gradual disintegration. Blurs, phasing, and liquefying.

A critical flaw in my work was the absence of a suitable background, especially when exploring mythological or fantasy themes. Recognizing this, I am determined to enhance my compositions, delve into scale and proportions, and transport the audience into a larger-than-life experience. Incorporating spectators, whether tiny figures on cliffs or angels soaring around, I aim to convey the grandiosity of my artistic concepts. Providing more surreal, illusionistic and ethereal elements.

Revisiting my undergraduate painting style, characterized by chaos and a lack of control, I've found a way to reintegrate this dynamic energy into my current, more meticulous approach. The challenge, however, lies in managing time constraints, which have occasionally led me to feel detached from my art. To address this, I've decided to alternate between chaotic and controlled phases in my painting process, creating a fusion that captures the essence of what I aim to express.

"Find control in the chaos"

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