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Another Dream...

It was late at night, when I woke up out of my sleep sweating and gasping hard for air. I was wearing a T-shirt with no bra and a thin pair of panties. I was wet from head to toe and the lace fabric was pasted onto my clit. The dream I had was so vivid, it felt like it happened . I could smell, taste, and feel everything. Replaying the dream in my head I grew harder and harder, circling my hips in the air, breathing hard, and clenching my legs together until I couldn’t take it anymore. Sliding one hand slowly downwards I begin to push my way through my soaking lips. I start recall the dream, like playing a movie in my head...

(He was towering on top of me, sliding his hard dick across the surface of my clit, teasing me.)

I start to take my fingers and rub up and down with ease, feeling the cum start to build up.

(He takes his hands and starts caressing my breasts, while kissing on my neck and then shoving his tongue down my throat.)

I grab my breasts and feel my nipples getting hard. My legs are partly spread imagining him on top of me.

(He then grabs my thighs in each hand, and starts to eat me slow and softly. Sucking and moving his tongue across my clit. I grab a handful of his hair )

I enter myself with my fingers and start pumping in and out while rubbing my clit in slow circular motions.

(He takes his hard dick and plays with the tip rubbing it up and down my pussy, not entering but continuing to tease. Then in one fast motion, he strokes halfway. I pull him closer until we are chest to chest. I felt his hard abs rub up and down)

I go harder, picking up speed and quietly moaning, hoping that nobody hears me.

(He lifts my legs up and caresses my ass, softly grabbing it. He then strokes deeper and deeper until he has fully entered me. I have a hold of his biceps, feeling every muscle clenched as he was thrusting)

I am about to cum fingering myself. But I immediately stop. I didn’t want the feeling to end. I take my hands and start playing with my breasts, replaying him thrusting hard and deep into me. My hips are up in the air, thinking and crying about how bad I wanted it in the moment. I finger myself harder and harder, hearing my wetness and feeling the heat buildup in my stomach and clit.

(while pulling my hair, he licked and grunted in into my ear, “are you going to cum for me?” )

At the thought, I came all over myself shaking in overwhelming pleasure. I try not to moan too loud so I bury my face into the pillow. As I finished, I closed my eyes in frustration and fell asleep wishing it was all real.

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