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I recently discovered edging. Something that happened to me without me being aware I could experience it: the feeling, the release, the climax was too much. It produced a feeling I could descend into. I discovered that a woman, or myself could hold my own elevated orgasm for hours, that we could in fact put myself into a state of seizure-like ecstasy. Most men are unable to do this alone because most men desire to climax at that very moment they reach their peak, but me no, no, no...I want to embrace it, to feel it take over my body and explode. This brings me to my story... 

My wrists were bound tightly together with a piece of rope that was fixed to a chair, as well as my ankles to the chairs back legs. I could feel that I was naked, the chair cold against my body, which I barely fit upon.  I was suppressed, vulnerable and blindfolded. With no time to finish processing what’s happening. I heard the door open, jolting in my chair, I began yelling “Where am I, whats going on?” My head frantically whipping around as I heard a woman’s voice, humming, it was soothing, soft, it oddly made me feel comfortable. I could hear her footsteps loudly approaching. I felt a finger slide down my neck to one of my nipples. My body reacted, of course it did, twitching as I felt her finger move back and forth against it. I felt her body shifting towards my face, she sucked and bit her lip by my ear moaning softly. I couldn’t control myself as I started to feel a rush down low. She laughed, and I knew she saw me rising, as she said “You like that huh?” 

She flicked her tongue out against my ear and I lost my will. I tried not to respond but my body started convulsing when I felt her other hand squeeze my crotch. She slowly caressed it, my mouth opened in a gasp-moaning as I felt her slowly twisting and stroking my cock. I began to thrash, lifting my hips in the air to match her strokes. My penis was so hard, the stimulation between my nipples and ears was too much. Then she stopped and sat on top of me, her warmth sent chills down my back. My penis was hard against her stomach, reaching up her torso and sitting between her breasts. I could feel how damp she was, and it made me harder. I couldn’t help but move my hips, her wetness called to me, but she stopped me, intimately brushing her lips against mine and allowing saliva to build up before she forced her tongue inside my mouth. Circling and swirling against each other before she lifted her face from mine, the saliva followed dripping down my chin onto my chest. I felt her lift herself off of me, my penis was aching, breathing heavily I desperately asked “Where are you going?!” She didn’t respond.

I sat there , waiting,  panting and thrusting my throbbing penis which yearned for her. I don’t know how long it was but eventually I calmed down, but the rush was still there. The thought that she wouldn’t leave me like this was still there. Then I felt it. Her hand grabbed my balls, squeezing then she used her thumb and two fingers pushing out my precum. I released a deep moan from each soft twist. My hips shaking. Then I felt her mouth kiss the tip. Her fingers using my precum as a lube. She slowly moved her thumb and fingers between my head and shaft while licking and kissing me. For hours she worked on my body touching and rubbing and licking and caressing until I was physically unable to take much more. And I couldn’t, I begged “Can you please take off the blindfolds, please let me see you!?” She slid my blindfold off and she was beautiful. 

Her face pale and symmetrical with tired eyes that were grey mixed with blues and greens. Her dark black hair flowed over her shoulders. I couldn’t even speak, I just smiled as our eyes locked. Her finger still massaging between my head and shaft as she lowered her mouth to my tip still staring at me. She began slowly but firmly working on it, making sure to go all the way down my shaft and up across it entirely. My arousal shot up, I was so sensitive, my increased moans caused me to drool. I was at my limits, desperate for release, I begged her to let me cum, my body wanted to reach the escaping orgasm. It was like she knew my climax level, effortlessly working my balls and lower shafts with her fingers to my peak then slowly working it back down. I was shaking in pleasure. My moans grew louder and louder, becoming cries for her to let me cum. She took the first half of my length into her mouth and began slurping, applying as much pressure as possible, flicking my incredibly sensitive penis and frenulum with her tongue. She continued this for a few minutes, pausing only to allow me to back off from falling into a wave of ecstasy. 

My penis was so hard, stiffening in her mouth, I tried to, I tried so hard to fill her throat but every time  she would stop all stimulation, driving me crazy. I was longing to empty my swollen balls. I kept begging and moaning, my hips full-out thrusting, I felt I was going to break the chair. Then she asked me “Do you want to cum?” and I gently whimpered “yes”. With one hand she began working my balls, massaging the precum into my penis. With the other, she squeezed tightly on my throbbing shaft and worked the head, rolling it between her fingers. My eyes rolled into the back of my head as I felt a pressure, a build up begin. My body lifts itself, I push my penis deep inside her mouth, holding it as I repeatedly say “Im bout, Im bout, Im bout, Im bout to cum, baby baby” She replied “mhmm mm” moaning while continuing. My body spasmed , my mouth open wide as I released my first wave of orgasm into her. She choked spitting it up as it hit the back of her throat. My entire length began to pulsate in her hand, as my balls retracted into my body. I couldn’t speak, tears came out of my eyes as I clenched the chair I was tied to. She held my penis squeezing. The second wave of orgasm had my penis squirming in her hand, my cum shooting out. It kept spurting, hitting her in the face. It was running down her lips and chin. My entire body was shaking with a phenomenal orgasmic tremor. I knew I was experiencing my strongest orgasm ever. I felt I was cumming forever.

I continued to pulsate, pushing more and more out. My moans loud with pleasure as she put me back in her mouth, sucking me as I kept on till my last massive contraction overflowed her mouth. She gulped down all the cum she could take, smiling at me as I was shaking violently. My eyes were wet with tears as I tried to beg her to release me, but I was tied up. She kept sucking, I continued to shake, my head thrashing around as I let out loud cries. She kept slurping me inside her mouth, using her fingers to massage my frenulum and her other hand reached up to squeeze one my nipples. She kept doing this until I reached a state where I entered full bliss, unable to move and allowing her full access to my vulnerable body. 

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