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Enter my artistic world, where my thoughts become strokes of inspiration. Join me on a journey through the colors of my mind.

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Crafted, penned, and conceived by Preston Harris, these narratives encompass stories, personal experiences, innovative ideas, nuanced opinions, and overarching reflections. They offer a portal into the depths of my consciousness, with the aim of prompting introspection within yourself. Please feel at ease to share your thoughts and express your viewpoints in this inclusive space, where judgment holds no sway. Embracing someone is akin to granting yourself the opportunity to comprehend them, even when disagreement arises.


I will be sharing diverse content, including erotica, thought-provoking themes on humanity, spontaneous musings, and dream-like narratives. My exploration of erotica will revolve around my fascination with intimacy and imagination, allowing me to articulate what brings me pleasure while embracing my divine femininity. Writing from both male and female perspectives, I find myself more attuned to my inner self as I close my eyes and weave intricate scenarios. The goal is to capture sensuality through the art of written description, where reading may even be perceived as a form of foreplay, offering insights into the author's desires.


Additionally, my posts will delve into contentious concepts and perspectives, centering on subjects encompassing human emotions, sexuality (both negative and positive experiences, along with effective communication), mental health, trauma, religion and beliefs, spirituality, and the complex realm of hyperindividualism.

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